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Balancing Toning Lotion with vitamins F and B6, alcohol-free


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A toning lotion that is specially formulated to rebalance oily skin, this innovative two-phase lotion is composed of an alcohol-free solution with a suspension of special powders that give the skin an immediate matte finish. Vitamins F and B6 has a guaranteed balancing and purifying action. The special formula also contains Allantoin as well as extracts from Hamamelis and Rose that provide moisture and reawaken the skin. It gives a radiant complexion while leaving a sensation of freshness and well-being. When used daily, it contributes to control excess oiliness and close open pores, giving the face more tone and vitality.

Shake the bottle to emulsify the two phases, then soak a cotton wool pad in the lotion and dab it onto the skin.

Volume: 200 ml