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Audrey Hepburn said “Happy girls are the prettiest” We believe in this powerful statement and love seeing how makeup can create great happiness.

We offer a unique concept in makeup that takes the DIY trend to a whole new level. Women can enjoy a nice time in our makeup garden and apply their makeup in our specially designed makeup stations with the help and guidance of professional makeup artists. They can choose any makeup look and do it with a wide range of high quality makeup products in a wide variety of colors. The fun part is applying the makeup like a pro with pro makeup brushes! The “Do It Yourself” makeup service is for all makeup lovers, for those who want to learn for the first time or for women that knows but want to learn new trends.

Come over and try out the world’s first DIY-makeup!


High Quality Makeup

Our makeup consist of the finest ingredients and produced in top modern facilities to give women cruelty free, high quality and vibrant color cosmetics that becomes a must have. Innovative laboratories with over 40 years of experience create the perfect pigment, shade and texture in each product. To make sure the product have the perfect quality, the ingredients are grinded three times before launch.

A mixture of different minerals and vitamins that protect the skin from external damage and at the same time give nutrition are used to bring women the best color cosmetics possible. Some products contain a multi mineral complex and vitamins, which help during cell regeneration and acts as an antioxidant. We use natural compounds like green tea and Aloe Vera extract to calm and relieve the skin.

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Romantic Makeup Tutorial

To achieve the perfect romantic look for a date we have used gold and caramel eyeshadow, lots of highlights and romantic nude lips with a bit of vanilla tasting lipgloss!

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About Belle Dame

Belle Dame is a butterfly that’s colorful, vivid and a living proof of nature’s beauty. Its name has a variety of different meanings that spoke loudly to us, such as “beautiful lady” in French as well as its actual meaning “painted lady”. Belle Dame was founded as a result of passion about makeup, and our love for butterflies meant incorporating it into the brand. We love makeup and more so love combining makeup with having fun. Our products are considerate about the skin and about giving a natural result. Each product sits perfectly on the complexion and at the same time nourishes and gives energy because of its big source of nutrients. Our passion for makeup has led us to create a new concept for makeup application. We call it DIY-makeup. Today’s makeup society is a growing market with a massive social media outlet, where there is a variety of video tutorials of how makeup looks can be achieved, yet we have found that people struggle with achieving the same result at home, this is where we step into the picture. The DIY service gives the control back to the customer, where they learn about the products and learn to apply it themselves. Makeup becomes a fun experience to do and gives the customer a high satisfaction rate.
 They feel confident in stepping outside of their comfort zone and learn to apply makeup like a pro. Our slogan refers to the woman that enters the store like an unblossomed caterpillar…


and she turns into a butterfly!

Meet the Team


Makeup artist and graphic designer

"Head Butterfly"


Founder and CEO

”Creator of all butterflies”


Makeup artist and Junior Brand Manager

"Ambassador Butterfly"


Makeup artist

"Painter Butterfly"

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116 21 Stockholm, Sweden

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